UK Copyright Law

UK copyright law is very unforgiving, and if the original author of the work presses charges against you, there is no such defence as 'sorry I didn't know'. If you violate copyright you will get sued and charged with infringement. In civil cases you can even be made to testify against your own interests.

While details of copyright law will vary between nation states, the Berne Convention lays down a common framework and agreement between nations in respect to intellectual property rights.

Our Copyright Notice

We take the theft of our work very seriously and would draw to your attention it is protected under UK copyright law. Please note we will always sue for compensation if any part of our website, design, text, images or video, are found being used without prior authorisation in writing.

Copyrights usually get automatic protection abroad, in the same way as in the UK, so even if you're not in the UK, we will still sue for compensation if our work is infringed.

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 was introduced to protect the investment of time, money and effort by the people who create original pieces of work. This can mean authors of books, composers of music, the makers of a film, a computer game designer or a company that creates applications such as word processing software. They all invest a great deal of time and money to produce these things and quite rightly, their work belongs to them. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act has two main purposes:
1. To ensure people are rewarded for their endeavours.
2. To give protection to the copyright holder if someone tries to copy or steal their work.

For the complete copyright act please click here.