The match

Both girls put on the fighting gear, gloves, one piece bikinis, shin guards and mouth guards then decide to go at one another.

Rules were simple, no elbow strikes or knees to the face. They were to fight until one girl submits or until someone gets a knockout.

Quite simply put, this is a great MMA style match between two amateur girls who have never done this sort of thing before!

The match was recorded in excellent quality HD video, with good lighting and a total run time of 10 minutes.

The girls

Kendall vs Evangeline.

Kendall is a 28 year old brunette and Evangeline is an 18 year old black girl.

Kendall's height and weight are 5ft 9in and 10 stone.

Evangeline's height and weight are 5ft 3in and 8 stone.

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