The match

This is a GREAT two vs one match. The two teens take on the older and tougher woman!

Petra in the blue shorts and Henny in the red shorts need to wear down the older and better girl.

As the match goes on the more experienced Cornelia in the pink bottoms might be in trouble!!

The match was recorded in reasonable quality video, with good lighting and a total run time of 19 minutes.

The girls

Petra & Henny vs Cornelia.

Petra is an 18 year old brunette and Henny is an 18 year old brunette.
Cornelia is a 30 year old brunette.

Petra's height and weight are 5ft 6in and 8 stone.

Henny's height and weight are 5ft 5in and 8 stone.

Cornelia's height and weight are 5ft 6in and 9 stone.

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